We train in Speed, Agility, Strength, Power, Reaction, Quickness, and Mental Preparation for increased Performance in all sports.  We develop male and female athletes of all ages and performance levels.  Our training begins at 7yrs old up to pro athletes.  We specialize in biomechanics and the ability to move properly.  We have helped kids develop confidence and earn playing time, we have developed many middle school and high school athletes and watched them sign D1 scholarships, and we work with Pro and College athletes as they pursue their goals of playing at the highest levels.  Our MOVE BETTER training methods will help any athlete find #TheDifference



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We offer discounted training for teams looking to develop speed, agility, power, and efficient movement patterns.  We can schedule teams of 5-50+ players at our training facility or at your location.  We have equipment that allows us to come to you if desired.  We can also help by writing programs for teams to follow.  ATHELITE Testing is another option for teams.  We have laser timing systems that allow us to accurately test your athletes performance.  Contact us today to get a quote for your team for as little as $100 a visit.



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We offer sport specific performance and strength training for  up to 4 people at a time.  We  concentrate on goals that are specific to the athlete and work around injuries or individual issues that are unique to the person.  This is a great way to get personal attention with a program built just for you.  Contact us and set up an evaluation session to see how it is that we can help you.

small group training


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This is a small group personal training and large group class program for adults that gives every individual the opportunity to follow a personalized program that has been built to meet their needs.  Our 4 Fours are:

-4 part program

 Fitness - Nutrition - Accountability - Community

-4 part workout

 Warmup - Strength - Metcon - Stretch

-4 levels of fitness

 Walker - Jogger - Runner - Sprinter

-4 ways to track progress

 Weight - Fat% - Muscle% - Fitness Benchmarks

We can help you lose weight, increase lean muscle, build strength, increase cardiovascular health, increase flexibility and range of motion, and help you live a longer more active life.  MOVE BETTER w/4FITNESS


                  Mon-Thur       8am-730pm

                  Fri                   8am-6pm

                  Sat                  8am-11am


7 - 10

11 - 13


College & Pro


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